Perfect Pairings: Books & Vacation Spots

Happy ‘almost the end of winter’ Savvy Readers!

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for the start of spring and the warmer weather, and you can’t believe how long it takes to get there! So I tend to live vicariously through my books… don’t we all?

Beach reading.gif

February has Valentine’s Day, Family Day and for you college and university students: Reading Week! All these holidays make it perfect for you to take that much needed vacation. So if you are going away for some much needed sun or a change of scenery, we’ve compiled a list of perfect books to take with you on that perfect vacation!

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Bookmarks: December 9th

Happy Friday, Savvy Readers! The holidays are inching closer and closer – do you have all of your holiday shopping done? If not, be sure to check out our gift guides for inspiration! Or, if you need a break from it all, why not take a minute and catch up on this week’s Bookmarks?

1. What’s on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Bookshelf?

Lin-Manuel Miranda sketch via New York Times/Jillian Tamaki

Okay, guys, I know I’m over a year late but I’ve finally caught the Hamilton bug, so to speak. Over the past week I’ve joined everyone else and developed a deep admiration for Lin-Manuel Miranda. Who else could read a book on vacation and turn it into a massive Broadway hit?! He’s a bookworm after our own hearts. The New York Times spoke to Lin-Manuel about what he’s reading now and his literary influences. Did you know he’s a Michael Chabon fan? Read the full interview here.

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