Top 10 New Historical Fiction Reads

Happy Tuesday-after-the-long-weekend, Savvy Readers!

We’ve got our eye on some great recently-released and upcoming historical fiction!  From some of my previous posts, it’s no surprise that historical fiction and strong female characters are at the top of my list… and that’s what today’s Top 10 is all about! Check out our favourite new historical fiction reads:


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Top 10 Movies About Writers

As book lovers, we also love movies (despite the fact that yes, the book is always better). Below, we have some movies that are incomparable to their book counterparts: movies about writers! From Emily Dickinson to J.M. Barrie to C.S. Lewis, there are so many incredible films based on the lives of renowned authors. What better than a movie to put you in the mood for a good book?


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Top 10 Book Lover Struggles

Hey, Savvy Readers!

Do you find there are a few recurring problems being a book lover? In ode to book lovers everywhere we decided to make a list of our favourite book lover struggles for you all to enjoy (and relate to). Here are our top ten favourite (or least favourite!) struggles when it comes to the printed word!

They’re all so true, it hurts.

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