Bookmarks: April 7th

Hi there, Savvy Readers! I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday so far. If you’re new to Bookmarks, this is where we share our favourite bookish news stories, links, and photos of the week. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Watch: HCC March Madness Champion Announced via Facebook Live

2017 HCC March Madness Winner Facebook Live Stream

Another #HCCMarchMadness is complete! Yesterday, our friends at HarperCollins Canada revealed the HCC March Madness winner on Facebook Live. Did you miss it? Click here to see who the new Shelf of Famer is and here to learn more about the book. Did your favourite book win? Who were you voting for?

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Bookmarks: March 17th

Happy Friday, Savvy Readers! I hope you’ve been staying safe and warm this wintry week. As always we’ve been reading for our 50 Book Pledge and writing about our favourite books. And, of course, our Bookmarks posts are here to recap what happened in the bookish world in the past week! Well, you know we love to share happy news, links, and photos, but I’m sorry to inform you that this week we’re starting off with something a bit grim…

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 is Coming!


More unfortunate events? It’s true! The Baudelaire children will have to suffer a little bit longer as it was announced this week that Netflix has signed up for a second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. See the announcement here and learn more about the book series here. (Hands up if you’re a *bit* excited about this bad news! Neil Patrick Harris sure is.)

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Bookmarks: November 4th

Wow, this was a BIG week for book news, Savvy Readers! There have been exciting reveals, teaser trailers, book-related fitness news, giveaway opportunities and more. My excitement for everything that happened in the book world this week cannot be contained, so keep reading along with me or “Bookmark” this post for later!

1. Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Movie Photos Revealed


(Image via: Entertainment Weekly)

The internet (myself included) is LOVING the beautiful stills Entertainment Weekly released of our favourite bookish heroine Belle from Beauty and the Beast (played by real-life bookworm Emma Watson)! The photos are so gorgeous and this illustrated edition of Beauty and the Beast is firmly rooted on my wish list.

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