Our Favourite Celebrity Memoirs

Do you ever daydream about how worry-free life must seem through the eyes of a celebrity? We do. We imagine that the world would look…shinier. More glamorous. And while that may be the case, we’ve come to learn through reading our favourite celebrity memoirs that though its rewards are seemingly endless, life in the spotlight doesn’t always exempt its chosen ones from their fair share of challenges, blunders and missteps.

Jennifer Lawrence Trip.gif

Because when you take away the glitz, the glam and the wealth (…need we go on?), the famous faces behind these memoirs are, underneath it all, people who are just trying their best to figure it all out. Celebrities: they’re—

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—kind of like us.

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If You Liked Wild, You’ll Like…


If you liked Wild by Cheryl Strayed, then try Nearly Normal by Cea Sunrise Person! Here’s why…

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