50 Book Pledge Weekly Roundup: March 12-17

Hi, Savvy Readers! I hope you’re enjoying (or recovering from) your St. Paddy’s Day celebrations, and that you have lots of reading planned for the weekend. We had a fun week, and suggest that you scroll down for lots of fun stuff (including great contests and giveaways!).


The 50 Book Pledge

We’re getting closer and closer to reaching 5,000 pledgers each day, Savvy Readers! On top of that, we’re moving toward reaching our 50 Book Pledge community goal (currently standing at 24%!).


With the help of these great badges, including the most recent HCC March Madness one, we have so many great book recommendations for you that you’ll have your 50BP goal completed in no time (because who can say no to good books????).

This Week’s Featured Read


This week’s Featured Read was Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang. This magical novel deals with identity, otherness, race and struggle. It combines the real with the ethereal and is truly an enjoyable experience. Needless to say, we highly recommend it. And our fellow readers do, too!

“I was captivated from the first page.” – Lee S., Amazon

“Dragon Springs Road is beautifully written, and I loved loved loved being in Jialing’s head. The narration always felt honest and Jialing’s struggles and experiences as a ‘Eurasian’ were powerful and heartbreaking to read about. Gorgeously written, I can’t get over how much I loved it.” – Ameema, Goodreads.

Dragon Springs Road is a literary work of art that should be on the very top of any book lovers “must read” pile for 2017.” – Candice S.,  HCC First Look.

“Last night I finished one of the most enchanting books I’ve ever read.” – jkwalsh00, Instagram.

This Week on The Savvy Reader

If You Liked The Girl on the Train, Then Try…


This week was cold, dark, and snowy, so we closed the blinds and cuddled up with some spooky thrillers… The first of which was Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson. If you enjoyed the suspense in The Girl on the Train, prepare yourself before you pick up this one!

Top 10 Green Book Covers

We have this thing for beautiful book covers, and it seemed like the perfect time of year to round up our favourite green ones… so here they are!

8 Dark Thrillers to Cross Off Your #TBR Before Spring

If you’re like us and are still looking for dark thrillers to read (before it’s too bright and sunny and it doesn’t feel right anymore), we have a list of really great ones to read now!!

Perfect Pairings: Books and Beer

Because books can be paired with anything, right? We have our beer fridges and book piles stocked for this weekends celebrations. Check out what we’re reading and drinking here.

Bookmarks: March 17th

Fun facts: Waldo is getting harder to find, A Series of Unfortunate Events has been renewed for season 2 on Netflix, and more

Contests & Giveaways

YA Fans! Harper Classroom is giving away three *fantastic* YA reads coming out this spring… Ramona Blue by Julie MurphyFireworks by Katie Cotugno, and The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli. Click here to enter!

Another one for YA fans, HCC Frenzy is giving away a copy of Short for Chameleon by Vicki Grant. The entry period ends today, so go, go, go!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.11.03 AM.png

HCC March Madness is in its third round with only 16 (!) books remaining! Which book will champion? Well, it’s up to you readers. Vote here (and enter to win a library of 64 books while you’re at it).


That’s it, that’s all, Savvy Readers! But there will always be more.. Stay tuned for the good stuff coming up next week on the Savvy Reader!


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50 Book Pledge Weekly Roundup: March 5-10

Hi, Savvy Readers! I’m so happy the weekend is here… so that I can finally stay in bed and read all day. Do you have big exciting weekend plans like me!?!? I hope they involve catching up on your 50 Book Pledge goal!


This week, we had all kinds of fun—it was International Women’s Day on Wednesday, for one, and there are A LOT of giveaways going on. Read on for the deets.

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The 50 Book Pledge: March Update

Guess what guys! We are officially 25% of the way through the 2012 50 Book Pledge! 3 months down, 9 more to go. (This year is just flying by, isn’t it?)

To be on track you should have read 13 to 14 books by now.
Are you on track? Have you read anything amazing so far?
Let us know in the comments, or tweet to us with the hashtag #50BookPledge!

Update #1: Looking for something to read for the #50BookPledge? Here are my recommendations:

For fiction readers: The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen. Some of us in the office are comparing this touching story to Emma Donoghue’s Room. See for yourself — start reading the first chapter here.

Ooh! And another one of our in-house favourites, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson, is on sale in paperback this April! This is one fun, funny, quirky book. Trust me, if you love reading about dysfunctional families  you will LOVE this book.

For non-fiction fans: I have to go with The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary by Andrew Westoll. It just recently won the Charles Taylor Prize for Non-Fiction and is just a truly wonderful story about how this facility is helping to heal chimpanzees rescued from animal testing.

For teen readers: I absolutely adored Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. The Delirium series is just the perfect ‘next read’ for Hunger Games fans so if you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend you start.  I have also heard so many great things about Slide by Jill Hathaway from other #50BookPledge-rs.

Update #2: Pinterest!

Many of you have started creating Pinterest boards to help keep track of your 50 Book Pledge books. I love this idea! If you have created a board make sure you let me know on twitter, or in the comments.

Update #3: This year we have also introduced a new feature for the #50BookPledge on the Savvy Reader where readers share why they are taking the 50 Book Pledge.

Read why Almeera, Kathy and Inderjit are all taking the 50 Book Pledge.

Want to share why YOU are taking the 50 Book Pledge? Email us at savvyreader (at) harpercollins.com.

Okay, there are my updates! Hope you guys are still having fun keeping track of the books you are reading in 2012. Remember, even though we’re counting, it’s all about WHAT you read and taking TIME to read, rather than how many books you read.

That being said, Happy Reading!