Empowering Feminist Book Quotes

Happy Wednesday, Savvy Readers!

Got those post-Valentine’s Day blues?  I have just the thing. Having been a long-time fan and enthusiast of feminist literature, I’ve gathered some of my favourite feminist book quotes for your #WednesdayWisdom!


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Top 10 Books to Help You Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Ah, it’s that time of the year again…the beginning; where everything is new, fresh and—most encouragingly—possible. But in addition to this year’s renewed chance for novel experiences, 2017 brings with it the daunting (but worthwhile!) task of resolving to do things just a little bit differently this time around the sun. However, since you’re wonderful just the way you are, Savvy Readers, let’s resolve not for new selves, but for new starts. Whether you’ve vowed to eat well and be active, find your courage when it matters most, be the boss of your own life or simply up your reading game, Savvy Reader’s got you covered. 

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Top 10 Authors to Follow on Twitter

Today is National Author Day, Savvy Readers! To celebrate the amazing people who write the books we’re always gushing about, we’ve put together a list of authors that we think you would love to hear from everyday. They are funny, informed, amazing, and just kind of a big deal! Read more for some sneak peaks and to find out why you should follow them on Twitter!


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