Empowering Feminist Book Quotes

Happy Wednesday, Savvy Readers!

Got those post-Valentine’s Day blues?  I have just the thing. Having been a long-time fan and enthusiast of feminist literature, I’ve gathered some of my favourite feminist book quotes for your #WednesdayWisdom!


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Valentine’s Day Reads for the Feminist

Happy Valentine’s Day, Savvy Readers!


Forget flowers, chocolate, and jewellery – the best Valentine’s Day present is a book!  (But if you also want to send me any of those things, I won’t be upset).

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Top 10 Reasons to Read Feminist Fight Club!

Hello there, Savvy Readers!

If you haven’t been keeping up with your book news, HarperCollins Canada recently hosted a campaign called Women’s Voices, meant to share and bring new attention to many important works by many badass women speaking on many issues that women face. It had opened my eyes to many new authors and issues that I hadn’t even considered before, and it has inspired me to try new and exciting feminist books.

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When Feminist Fight Club landed in my hands, I was immediately interested. Right off the bat, it was clear that this was going to be a totally bold and unapologetic read, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. It largely deals with the way that women face sexism in the workplace. It’s described as “part manual, part manifesto.” And I can honestly say that I took SO MUCH away from reading this book.


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