50 Book Pledge Weekly Roundup: April 16-21

Hi Savvy Readers, and happy weekend to you all! I can’t wait to get outside (with my TBR pile in tow) to enjoy some sunshine and spring! I assume you’ll be doing the same…


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This Earth Day, Read Your Way Across Canada

Hey Savvy Readers! This Saturday is Earth Day, and we think that the best way to truly connect with the natural beauty of Canada is to read, read, read!


Some pretty incredible books have been inspired by Canada. The country boasts some of the most beautiful ecological attractions and inspiring communities. We’ve curated our favourite books to help you read your way across Canada and celebrate!

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Perfect Pairings: Books and Songs

Do you ever make your own playlists to fit the tone of the book you’re reading? Books and music are two things that have the magical ability of being able to take us to another place – put the two together and that experience becomes even more ethereal. You could be reading a fantasy novel while listening to video game soundtracks and suddenly you are the hero, not just reading about them. You could be reading a musician’s memoir and listening to the music they mention, and what they wrote about it comes to you in a whole new level. Sometimes even if you hear a song, it could make you think about something you read, or vice versa. So many possibilities! So, taking this as a challenge, I decided to come up with some pairings of books and songs!

Missing, Presumed + Rhye’s “Open”

Missing, Presumed (HarperCollins Canada’s latest HCC Fan Choice pick!) is more of a suspenseful psychological look at characters than it is a thriller. You really get a sense for the major players in a missing girl investigation. The main character, Detective Manon Bradshaw, is known around the station as a bit gritty, tense and hard-working, but she’s also quite vulnerable, lonely and soft-hearted — she just wants love! She craves a partner and child, which might not be the best headspace to be in when searching for a missing girl. Detective Manon makes a good fit for Rhye’s “Open,” which is sultry and sexy but also quite tender and hopeful.

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