10 Bookish Things to Do If You Win the Lottery

What if? It’ll kill you, but sometimes it’s good to dream.

keep calm and win.jpg

We wondered what life would be like for a bookworm who won the lottery*, so we made a list! Here are the top ten things we would do!

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Bookmarks: February 17th

Happy happy Friday, Savvy Readers! I hope you’ve had a splendid, love-filled week this week. I certainly have — so much so that it has spilled over to all the fun bookish news I have to share this week. There’s nothing I don’t love about what we’re about to talk about! So, without further ado, here are the bookish news, links, and photos we loved from this week:

1. Cutest Valentine Ever: Dad’s Bookish Photoshoot


Photo via: People/Josh Rossi

Okay, is this not the cutest? A photographer dad recently created a Beauty and the Beast photoshoot for his daughter. They played dress up and shot some amazing photos! See some of the shots here. If you were to have a bookish photoshoot, which iconic character would you want to be?

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Bookmarks: November 4th

Wow, this was a BIG week for book news, Savvy Readers! There have been exciting reveals, teaser trailers, book-related fitness news, giveaway opportunities and more. My excitement for everything that happened in the book world this week cannot be contained, so keep reading along with me or “Bookmark” this post for later!

1. Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Movie Photos Revealed


(Image via: Entertainment Weekly)

The internet (myself included) is LOVING the beautiful stills Entertainment Weekly released of our favourite bookish heroine Belle from Beauty and the Beast (played by real-life bookworm Emma Watson)! The photos are so gorgeous and this illustrated edition of Beauty and the Beast is firmly rooted on my wish list.

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