Top 10 Reading Companions

Sometimes you need a little company when you’re reading, we totally get that! To give you a little more comfort or to give you a little more happiness, these are our top ten reading companions!

…Now brace yourself for cuteness overload! (We needed an excuse to look at cute pictures of animals so our list involves our furry little friends from the Savvy Reader team).

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Clothing for Tolkien Lovers

Today is National Tolkien Reading Day!

This weekend is the perfect time to get out your (well-worn) copy of your favourite J.R.R. Tolkien book!  Whether it’s The Lord of the Rings series, the previously unknown The Story of Kullervo, or Tree and Leaf, you can’t go wrong curling up with one of his enchanting novels.  To get you even more into the spirit, I’ve found these amazing clothes that you, as a Tolkien fan, need!

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10 Bookish Things to Do If You Win the Lottery

What if? It’ll kill you, but sometimes it’s good to dream.

keep calm and win.jpg

We wondered what life would be like for a bookworm who won the lottery*, so we made a list! Here are the top ten things we would do!

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