Bookish Travel Accessories You Need Right Now

Hey Savvy Readers! Summer is coming, which (hopefully) means a summer vacation! As you prepare for exciting getaways, check out these bookish travel accessories that are perfect for any trip!

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Celebrity Book Clubs You Should Join

I think everyone can agree: book clubs are fun! Hanging out with liked-minded people to talk about a shared love of books? Sign me up! Book clubs are so fun that even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own! And guess what – they want you to join in, too!


We’ve rounded up some of the many book clubs you can join, run by our fave celebs! Read on…

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50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Finishing School

Hey Savvy Readers! Are you looking for a *great* book to read next for your #50BookPledge? Well, look no further, because The Finishing School by Joanna Goodman will have you totally immersed!

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