50 Book Pledge: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 50 Book Pledge?

The Savvy Reader team created 50bookpledge.ca so readers can keep track of the books they read, see what their friends are reading, earn fun badges, win prizes, and more!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on 50bookpledge.ca through your Facebook or Twitter account, or by entering your email.

How do I add a book to my shelf?

Add a book to your shelf by clicking on the “My Shelves” button in the top right hand corner. There will be an option to “+Add Book” on the top right corner of your shelf. Your additional shelves: To Be Read, Currently Reading, Favourites and Custom shelves are available on the righthand side of the screen.

How do I know which edition of a book I’m adding to my shelf?

When adding a book to your shelf, hover your mouse over the cover you’ve selected to see which edition it is. Please note, “Kindle edition” represents all e-book editions.


What if the book I add isn’t there?

If you can’t find a book you’re looking for, please try the following:

  1. Search the book in the “+Add Book” search bar (as opposed the search bar in the banner)
  2. Try searching for alternate spelling of the title
  3. Search for the author’s name
  4. Search for the book’s ISBN (you can find this on any publisher or retailer website)

If your book still isn’t showing up, try using the “Add a Custom Book” option located under the “+Add a Book” search bar.


How is my list of Friends formulated?

Upon signing up, the 50 Book Pledge will pull your friends from the social media account you sign up with. In order to connect with a new friend, you must Follow them. The follow button will show up on their profile.

To find friends to Follow, access their profile by clicking on the links they share on Twitter. The Follow button will appear on all of their shelves, too.

If you want to search for a user, use the Search bar on the home page. After your inital search, make sure you select “People”. Handy tip: If you can’t find a friend via their full name, try their Twitter handle, Facebook name or email address.


Have a question about the 50 Book Pledge? Ask us on Twitter @SavvyReader or email us at savvyreader@harpercollins.com.




49 thoughts on “50 Book Pledge: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Would really love an app for this so I can easily keep track of my reading on my phone! I find it challenging to navigate the website on my phone browser, and I have to sign-in each time I log on – whereas I would hope an app would allow you to ‘stay signed in’ or allow for a quick sign-in to make it quicker and easier. 🙂

  2. Is there any way to add multiple version of a book, such as kindle, paperback, hardcover? I often re-read books with local book groups and currently am unable to add multiple versions of a book if reread in the same calendar year.

  3. Hello! I was trying to update my account, but every time I click on save and continue to profile it says: “The provided email address is associated with another account.” I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t fix it. Please help!

  4. I can’t get my password to work so I asked for a reset. It said ‘recovery email has been sent’ but I never got one. I have done this twice now, and there is no mail in my in box or junk mail.

    1. Hi Melissa! There is, just so long as you’ve signed up the same that you signed up in 2015 (via the same twitter account, Facebook account, or email address). Once you are signed in, click on ‘My Shelves’ in the top right corner of the site. It will take you to your 2016 shelf. To the right, underneath ‘Currently Reading’ you’ll see the word ‘Shelves’ and a drop down menu with a list of years. Past years should be there. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add any books to your past shelves, but your past reads will still be there. Let us know if you have issues accessing them.

  5. Hi there, is there a certain version of a book required to get the HCC March Madness badge? I added The Ocean At The End Of The Lane a while back to my read shelf, but didn’t get the badge.

    1. Hi Jen!

      No, the badge should include all editions. I’ve gone in and updated the ISBNs so it will hopefully will show up next time you add a book. If not, please email savvyreader(at)harpercollins(dot)com.

      Thank you!

  6. Hi, I am just wondering is there a link with the 64 HCC March Madness books. I thought I read some of the books that were on a list I found but none of them are giving me the reward badge for reading “any of the 64 HCC books” So maybe I am not reading the right list and thus reading the wrong books for the cadge?


  7. Hi there… I am not doing the challenge this year but want access to the books I read last year, as I didn’t write them down. Could you please tell me where I can see last years challenge? Thanks!

    1. Hi Melissa! Absolutely. You can view the books you read last year by clicking the drop down menu beside “Shelves” on your profile. There, you can choose from any of the years that you’ve participated in the 50 Book Pledge. I hope this helps! Please let us know if you need any further information.

    1. Hi Shelly! When you go to your currently reading shelf, click on the book you want to delete. Then, click remove from shelf. Another box will come up that says “Are you sure you want to delete this book from your bookshelf?” click “OK” and the book will be removed from your currently reading shelf. If you want to move the book to your read shelf however, make sure you click “Move To Read Shelf” instead! Please let us know if you need any further information — I hope this helps!

  8. Help! I thought I would update my photo, on my 50 Book Pledge page. Every time I choose a photo it looks great…until I Save…and it turns upside down! What is happening?? How can I fix this?

  9. Please help! When I registered last year, I used FB. I didn’t really use it, so for 2017 I would like to log-in with my Twitter account instead since I use it much more frequently. How can I delete my email address’s link to FB so I can start over with Twitter?

    1. Hi Kelly, thank you for reaching out! When you’re logged in, click on your profile, then “Edit Pledge”. You’ll see an option near the top to link your accounts (so you can login with either Facebook or Twitter). Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions

      1. I didn’t see a way to unlink from my FB account, but I was able to add Twitter, so good enough! Thank you for your help!!

  10. Is there a way to “unfriend” someone if their account no longer exists? I don’t like that they still show up on my friend list if they don’t exist!

    1. Hi Pirkko,
      You can delete a book from your currently reading shelf by clicking on the book, and then clicking the “X Remove From Shelf” text below the book cover, the same place where you would move a book to your Read or Favourites shelves.

  11. Is there a certain versions of a book required to get the badge? Or does it just take a bit to show up? I read Pride & Prejudice and it shows on the #GirlBoss list but I haven’t gotten the badge

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Please send us a link to your 50 Book Pledge profile and we can look into this for you. You can email us at savvyreader(at)harpercollins(dot)com or DM us on Twitter @SavvyReader for further assistance. Thank you!

  12. I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane but didn’t get my #HCC March Madness Badge, is there something special I have to do to get the badge?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Sorry about the issue you’ve been experiencing with the HCC March Madness Badge. Can you send a link to your 50 Book Pledge profile to savvyreader(at)harpercollins(dot)com so that we can look into this for you? Thank you!

  13. I have had an account since 2013. Recently, I have had to switch browsers and use google chrome…but I can not sign in with my facebook as I did before because the login with facebook or twitter bars are not visible?

  14. My password isn’t working for some reason, and the recovery email isn’t being sent. When I tried to start a new account, it stated that my email is already registered. What should I do?

      1. I have this same problem with no titles being shared. And now books that I am searching for to add to my Shelf will not load.

  15. Hi, I am trying to get the Killer Crime badge, I went to the article that listed the books that count. I noticed I read 2 and did not get credit for either, so I deleted them from the “read” shelf and re-added them just in case there was a glitch or something. I read Odd Child Out and Child Finder, both listed in the article. What am I doing wrong to not get credit?

    1. Thanks, Paula! We’re so glad you’re joining us on the #50BookPledge. Your pledge will reset in 2018 so that you can start fresh, but feel free to start tracking your 2017 reads now! When you log in in the new year, you’ll be signed up for the pledge!

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