Best Bookshop Signs

We already knew that book lovers were witty, but these signs prove it to the world! We’ve rounded up the best bookshop signs that make us smile, chuckle, or want to curl up with a book. Read on, Savvy Readers…

A helpful hint from Raven Books in Springfield, Ohio.

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Protect yourselves from the zombies by reading books!


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Those shelves deserve it!

Right this way!

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There’s nothing sweeter than a new book.

Who doesn’t love a good book pun?




Are you feeling okay?!


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You don’t have to tell me twice!



Nothing beats the smell of a book (new or old!!)

Too accurate.

True. ⏳📚 #readgoodbooks

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So, so true.

What do you think? Do these signs inspire you to take a trip to your local bookstore? Let us know which sign is your favourite in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!



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