Our Favourite January Bookstagrams

Hi Savvy Readers!

Have you been Bookstagramming away this past month? That’s what we like to do to forget about the cold winter, too. We noticed that some of our favourite Bookstagrammers have been hard at work, so we want to share our favourite posts of the month with you!

Dragon Springs Road came out, and this #HCCFirstLook-er loved it so much that she posted again on its Book Birthday!

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Great new thriller from Peter Swanson!


Three words: Carve. The. Mark. (!)


Teresa Messineo wrote an amazing debut novel, you should read it.


Oh, and speaking of Carve the Mark and that debut novel… Might as well buy them both like Jamie did.

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Great book, great blog. What else can we say?

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We want to cozy up here with this book and we never want to leave.


If our TBR list wasn’t so long, we’d definitely read The Hating Game again.



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Send us a link to your Bookstagram profile or your favourite Bookstagram post from last month! We can’t wait to check them out.


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