Top 10 Letters to Santa

Savvy Readers! What are you asking Santa for this year? Books? Yeah, us too.

Well, we’ve gathered some of our most favourite letters to Santa from some super special kids. We’ll let you decide whether they’ve been naughty or nice (AKA whether they deserve books or spoilers in their stocking).


May you get no spoilers in your stocking this year.

From the kid who knows what’s up, because The School for Good and Evil should definitely be on everyone’s wishlist…



From the kid who is determined to get *exactly* what they want.



From the kid who just wants to make sure…



From the oh-so-curious one.



From the kid who just really, really, really wants to be a Dragon.



From the kid who just assumes Santa knows how to send a text message.



From the kid who is actually Santa’s little spy.



From the kid who just does the things kids do.



From the kid who is simply not down for chit-chat.



From the kid who’s really wanting to make that transition into the iWorld.



Share your own (or your own favourite!) letter to Santa with us in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader, and make sure to tell us what you’re asking the big guy for this year!


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