Women’s Voices

I’m really excited to be posting on The Savvy Reader today to share with you the launch of Women’s Voices; a campaign to support feminist conversations with important stories authored by intelligent and empowered women. A campaign to showcase our badass authors who have charged through life and dealt head on with challenges that are attached to the female experience. Authors who have shared the hardships and successes of their lives with us so that we may find the support and strength we need when we face our own challenges of sexism, harassment, objectification and violence. As it is now August, students are going to start preparing to go back to school, making it a vital time for us to have these conversations about sexual assault on university and college campuses in Canada.


It was always our intention to start this year’s campaign with a discussion of Sex Object by Jessica Valenti, a powerful memoir and exploration of what it means to be a woman from one of the most visible feminists of our generation.


But we feel it is even more necessary to begin our campaign talking about how important Sex Object is, because of the horrific acts of violence that have been directed at Jessica and her family this week on twitter.

Because, yes, feminist conversations are happening all around, and, yes, that is amazing. But they are not happening without violent responses in many cases. So let’s support each other. Join us for Women’s Voices 2016 as we start with a discussion on Sex Object and the profound affects that it has had on its readers thus far.


Check in with us at www.womensvoices.ca all month long to see what we are talking about. Join the conversation using #WomensVoices2016.

– Kate


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