Welcome to The Savvy Reader, Colin! *Giveaway*

Colin, HarperCollinsCanada’s #HCCElf, is here to make gift giving easy! This holiday season, Colin is giving away 12 great gifts to help readers decide which books to share with their loved ones.

TODAY, we’re so excited to offer our Savvy Readers and #50BookPledge-ers the opportunity to win two great fiction books (with some of our favourite new characters from 2015). To enter to win copies of Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam and This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! by Jonathan Evison, comment on this blog post on RT us on Twitter (here).


Don’t forget to visit HCCElf.ca to see all of Colin’s favourite books! Plus, you can enter to win a grand prize pack of ALL of the books included in Colin’s 12 Days of Giveaways. Click here to find out more.

Happy holidays, Savvy Readers!

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Digital Marketing Coordinator at HarperCollins Canada. Film, fiction and fashion blog enthusiast. Follow me on twitter @SavvyReader & @ktvncnt.

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