Daniel Plan Staff Challenge – Obstacles

The Daniel Plan Day #5: Obstacles

I said in my last post that I anticipated challenges when signing up for the Daniel Plan detox but not to the degree I imagine. I admit, I fell off the wagon.

A sudden work trip came up and I was away from home for 24 hours. Poor planning, a set menu at a mandatory work dinner and I was done. There’s only so much variety in food offered on a train and I should have packed something (my bag of gluten-free granola even) to get me through the time.

Dinner would have been much more difficult as there was no way of telling how items were cooked or what ingredients were used. By the time we boarded an early morning train to come home I was contemplating how I’d break my betrayal to the rest of the Daniel Plan-detox team. Everyone has been so supportive of each other that I did genuinely feel remorseful. My advice? Having a friend or detox buddy definitely makes it an easier challenge, like a spotter or coach who can keep you in line (or in my case, to pack appropriately) can really help!

The one bonus? I continued to avoid caffeine which meant I had continued good sleeps, which can be rare for me in hotels.

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