Perfect Pairings: Books and Brunch

Hey there, Savvy Readers!

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of April!  Summer is right around the corner, and there’s nothing I like more than Sunday brunch on a nice warm patio.  Couple Sunday brunch with a great read, and that’s what we like to call a Perfect Pairing.  Check out our suggestions for books and brunches that go together like bacon and eggs.


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Highly Anticipated Sequels

Hey Savvy Readers!

We’re fans of series over here, and we’re in the middle of reading a few awesome ones! But when you know there’s a sequel coming out, you can’t help but wonder when it’ll finally hit the shelves… So we made a list of our most anticipated upcoming sequels and installments! The good news is, they’re all coming out this year. And if you haven’t started any of these series, we highly *highly* recommend them.



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Our Top 10 Favourite Fictional Families

Happy Tuesday, Savvy Readers!

There’s nothing I love more than a story about family and family dynamics. It’s easy to relate to the problems these characters face, and it’s hard not to compare fictional characters to our own family members. While each family has their fill of ups and downs—laughs and cries—at the end of the day, there is love all around. We can’t help but get a bit sentimental for our own loved ones as we read these books that feature some pretty amazing families. So here are our top ten favourite fictional families. Take a look!


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