Love Stories For Valentine’s Day

No matter what kind of love you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered with five books filled with romance. Whether you’re looking for surprising matches, fateful lovers or a historical setting, these love stories are the perfect books to cuddle up with come February 14th.


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Jennifer Robson


Jennifer Robson, the bestselling author of Somewhere in France, After the War is Over, and Moonlight Over Paris shares a few gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: 

I’ve never been a fan of the inflated expectations that go along with Valentine’s Day. Should you really have to fork out $50 (or more) for droopy hothouse roses when tulips are just coming into season? Do you really need to go out for dinner on one of the busiest nights of the year? Are diamonds really the best way to show your love for someone?

My favourite Valentine’s Day gifts tend to be both simple and inexpensive (fortunately my husband agrees with me), and that approach is one I’ve adopted when describing the gifts my characters offer to one another. Here are some suggestions for romantic gifts that I’ve taken straight from the pages of my Great War Trilogy, and I hope they inspire you this February 14th.

– In Somewhere in France, Lilly and Robbie depend on letters as a way of sharing their hopes and fears, and what is more romantic than an honest-to-goodness love letter? Use the best stationery you have, or buy a blank card, and slooooow down when you’re writing – you want to employ your best cursive writing, the kind you learned back in Grade 5. (And don’t fuss about what you’re going to write. The words will be there when you need them.)

– In After the War is Over, Edward sends Charlotte several dozen roses from the gardens at his country estate. It’s a beautiful gesture, but one that’s beyond the means of most people, Charlotte included. She demonstrates her love, instead, through practical gestures: she cares for him when he is ill, reads to him, and makes him scones and tea. Instead of going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, consider making afternoon tea for your sweetheart. To get you started, here is my recipe for sugar-crusted scones.

– In Moonlight Over Paris, Helena and Sam exchange books of poetry: he gives her a treasured volume of early poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, while she gives him a copy of Al Que Quiere! by William Carlos Williams. Any book will do, just as long as you love it and the words inside mean something to you. Don’t forget to inscribe it with a message as well as the date.


Jennifer Robson

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Bookmarks: February 5th

Happy February, Savvy Readers! What are you all reading this month? After an incredibly successful January (the 50 Book Pledge community has already completed 10% of our yearly goal!), we at The Savvy Reader are kicking off our February with these great reads. To keep the community’s great momentum going, check out our new giveaway for all of our January 50 Book Pledge Featured Reads here!

As for news in the book world, this week was an incredibly busy and exciting one. Keep reading to get your weekly dose of bookish news, links, and photos or “Bookmark” this post for later!

1. Wab Kinew To Run For NDP; Canada Reads Looking for New Host

Canada Reads 2016

(Photo via CBC Media Centre)

This Tuesday, news broke that Wab Kinew will be running for the NDP in the April provincial election. Kinew is the current host of Canada Reads, and CBC Books has announced that they are searching for a new host. Read more about Wab Kinew’s move to politics here. Who do you think should be the new host of Canada Reads?

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