Bookmarks: October 17th

Hi Savvy Readers! I’m afraid that we were a bit busy around here (eating too much turkey) to get you your weekly bookmarks last week. But never fear, we’re in the midst of a fun and busy fall season so we’ve got plenty of literary news to cover in today’s post. Don’t have time to read everything right now? Don’t worry – just ‘bookmark’ the links you want to read and check ‘em out over the weekend with a nice cup of tea!

To start off, we’ve got plenty of exciting award news to share!

1. In case you missed it when we talked about it earlier this week, we’re very excited about the Scotiabank Giller Prize shortlist! You can check out all of the shortlisted titles below (though we’ll admit we’re rooting for The Betrayers by David BezmogisTell by Frances Itani, and The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O’Neill!)


This year, the prize pot nearly doubled, and the winner will receive an unprecedented $100,000 prize. Start looking for books with little red Giller stickers in your local bookstore!

2. The Man Booker Prize has announced Richard Flanagan as the 2014 winner for his book The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Historically, authors were only eligible for this prize if they were citizens of the UK, Ireland, or the Commonwealth. Although Flanagan is Australian, this was the very first year that entry was open to authors of all nationalities who have had books published in English in the UK. You can read more about his win here.


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What would The Joker be like as a senior citizen?

Back in March I posted this to Twitter:

It’s definitely a job perk to have the chance to read great novels well in advance of their publication but then comes the pain… waaaiiiiiiiting to tell everyone about it.

9781443425636This week Kim Zupan’s The Ploughmen finally arrives for all to enjoy. And enjoy it you will. Some are calling this a contemporary western and others have compared it to Cormac McCarthy and, while both comparisons are apt, I’d say it’s simply a story about two human beings sitting alone in the dark. And one of them is a ruthless killer (one so expert in his brutality and precision) is only now, in his seventies, behind bars.

John Gload is the worst of the worse. The kind of killer who leaves no trace. A mystery, an enigma—an individual casting an even more terrifying shadow for his lack of remorse. He is The Joker as a senior citizen (man, I’d love to see Jack Nicholson play John Gload in the film version!) And yet, Gload befriends the young deputy keeping a watchful eye over him, Valentine Millimaki.

Valentine is a new cop, though a very smart one. As he struggles with the pressures of his life in police work, his marriage is crumbling and really, who best to be your relationship confidant than a 71-year-old killer who may or may not have killed his wife?

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Recipe Excerpt: Candy Bar Pie from Sherry Gore’s Me, Myself, and Pie


Looking for a new way to eat your Halloween candy? This is a super-fun recipe from Amish food writer and pie expert Sherry Gore’s upcoming cookbook, Me, Myself and Pie. This is Candy Bar Pie!


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