Celebrity Guest Blogger Sara Canning on What Her Character is Reading

SaraCanningHere’s our 3rd post from our celebrity guest blogger: actress Sara Canning! You may recognize Sara from TV shows like Global TV’s Remedy and The Vampire Diaries. Over the next couple months, Sara is going to share her love of reading, and posts about her favourite books here on the Savvy Reader. Read her first post here.

Now here’s Sara!

What are you currently reading? Fantasy, instructional, inspirational, textbook, memoir? For work, school, pleasure? Sometimes I find myself staring with starry-eyed envy at people reading leisurely in a park or café. When I’m doing what makes me happiest – tackling a character and spending hours and hours with other actors – I can’t seem to find time for recreational reading. Not as Sara, anyway. But I get around that. I give my character copious amounts to read.

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The Cannonball Read Book Club Pick: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Have you heard of the Cannonball Read? It’s a race to read and review 52 books in a year. (You know how much we love reading goals!) It’s a great initiative and a great reading community. Find out more at http://cannonballread.com.

Their book club (the CBR Book Club) has chosen to read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel! Aka. one of our favourite books of 2014. http://cannonballread.com/book-discussions/ We’re eager to join in, and want to help them spread the word about this awesome book. So, we’re giving away 3 copies of Station Eleven to 3 lucky Canadian fans. Enter via Rafflecopter here.

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7 Tips for Writing Sequels and Follow-Ups

So you’ve finished your novel. It’s done! Complete! The end!…or is it? Do you lie awake at night with a deep nagging feeling? Do your characters run off to new adventures in your head? Susan Juby, author of The Woefield Poultry Collective, has written a much anticipate sequel, Republic of Dirt! Woefield Farm is back with Prudence and her motley crew of farm hands and continues their story with multiple unforgettable moments and lovable characters. But she warns authors, some stories are best left alone. Here to offer some insight into the world of sequel writing,

Susan Juby shares her 7 tips for writing sequels and follow ups: 

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