Savvy Gift Guide: Bookish Gift Ideas for Twentysomethings

The holidays they are a-coming! And we’re here to help you with all of your holiday shopping. Today, we’ve got a list of perfect picks for all of the millennials on your list. From the glamour queen to the wanderluster, we’ve got ideas for all the under-30 bookish souls you know.

For the most glamourous bookworm:


Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
This book is basically PERFECT. Sali Hughes is a longtime beauty writer and reviewer in England, and she imparts all of her wisdom to us in this beautiful hardcover. There’s an incredibly helpful section on how to deal with the pushy salespeople at makeup counters, and a handy guide to wearing red lipstick. But it’s also clear that she’s spent time intellectualizing the world of makeup, and parts of it read like a feminist manifesto: “I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature… Looking good makes us feel good, and the rituals are a pleasure in themselves.” You go girl! Now pass me my lipstick.

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Savvy Gift Guide: Books for Fiction Readers

The snow is falling, it’s -19 with the windchill, and the malls are packed with holiday shoppers! But do not fear Savvy Readers, every Tuesday and Thursday we will be posting holiday gift guides to make your holiday shopping a breeze. We have books for just about everyone on your shopping list, from pop-culture junkies to foodies, millennials and more… because we believe there is always a book for that!

Today, we are revealing our favourite Books for Fiction Readers and a few perfectly bookish gifts from Indigo. Whether you’re looking for Mom, Dad, your best friend (or even treating yourself) we highly recommend these fab fiction titles!

For those who read love stories:

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion
After following absolutely in love with The Rosie Project, we were so excited to welcome back Don and Rosie in Graeme Simsion’s much anticipated sequel, The Rosie Effect.  In this novel, the couple is facing a new adventure – Rosie is Pregnant! – making this the perfect gift for fans of The Rosie Project or anyone in need of a feel-good romantic comedy.

Us by David Nicholls
This is novel about love, but it’s not a love story. Us by David Nicholls, author of One Day, offers an honest portrayal of love, the end of love, and what happens when relationships fall apart. After three decades together, Connie tells Douglas she wants a divorce. Now, Douglas must try to save his marriage and reconnect with his family while on a month-long tour around Europe. Us is an ideal gift for anyone going through similar life changes or for friends with a case of wanderlust. Read an excerpt here!

Christmas in the Snow by Karen Swan 
From the bestselling author of Christmas at Tiffany’s and Christmas at Claridge’s, Karen Swan is back with Christmas in the Snow. Set in the Swiss Alps, this novel has all the elements of a feel-good, light read just in time for Christmas season. Christmas in the Snow is the perfect book for all the women on your list, especially your friend who spends everyone Sunday watching Lifetime movies.

Simsion_rosie-effect Nicholls_us karen-swan-untitled-book-6-978144725106401

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Start Reading Us by David Nicholls!

Nicholls_usOne of our most anticipated books this fall, Us by David Nicholls is a must-read for all you Savvy Readers! Nicholls is most notably known for his internationally bestselling novel One Day, which follows two characters as their lives intertwine over the span of 20 years. In Us, Nicholls hones his focus on Douglas Petersen as he tries to salvage his failing marriageand repair his relationship with his young sonover the course of European vacation.

Unlike One Day, which relies heavily on the sentimental idea of soulmates, the strength of Us lies in its painfully honest representation of relationships. Nicholls explores the complexity of marriage and the very real, undesirable reality of “failed” loved (also begging the question: is there such thing as a failed marriage?)

This is an unforgettable novel that is at once heartbreaking, funny, and profound.

Intrigued? Click the thumbnail below to start reading Us.

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